What is Cambridge Waterside?

We are farmers from Duxford who grow a considerable quantity of vegetables, both organically lakesidebuildingand conventionally, for a number of different retailers. Over the years, as our vegetable production has increased, so has our need for water. This is why we are building a 110million gallon reservoir just south of Stapleford.

During the building process we have come around to thinking that whilst we will have a 35 acre lake at our disposal, we may as well find some ways in which to diversify its use so it can be used and enjoyed by people. So we are proposing a holiday accommodation and a leisure/environmental scheme for the benefit of local people and visitors to the Cambridge area. We based our idea on the Cotswold Water Park model (www.watermarkclub.co.uk) and we are using the same architect.

What we are planing to do

image2Our vision is to create an accommodation and leisure facility that is totally unique to the 
Cambridge area. We want to offer peotennisshotfinalple visiting Cambridge high standard accommodation encouraging them to stay longer in the area and thus contribute to the local economy. At the same time we
endeavour to provide leisure facilities centred around the reservoir such as sailing, windsurfing and kayaking, as well as providing a fitness centre with indoor and outdoor tennis courts and a brasserie to accompany it. We also want to create footpaths around the lake and surrounding area, as well as bridleways and cycleways which will be open to everyone.

The Master Plan

Site Model FINAL VERSION copy

Cambridge Waterside – Concept Plan (click to enlarge). Please note we have made further changes to the master plan to incorporate people’s suggestions. This is the final version that has been submitted to South Cambs District Council

Because wildlife and conservation are so integral to whatDog Walking we do at Russell Smith Farms, we want to bring those values to this scheme. For this reason we have been advised by the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (www.wwt.org.uk) with whom we hope to team up to help us create a wetland habitat as part of the development. This will encourage a whole range of new species to the area, which can be enjoyed both by residents of the lodges and local people.


What we will provide

There are many obvious benefits that Cambridge Waterside can bring to the area. We have listed some of these below:

  • Provide extensive year-round full time and part time employment (estimated 70+ people)
  • Provide unique leisure facilities to the area
  • Enhance local landscape through biodiversity scheme
  • Encourage people to learn about wildlife and agriculture
  • Contribute to the local economy, through providing both unique facilities for tourists and a high quality accommodation facility (encouraging people to come and stay in Cambridge, rather than visiting for the day).

Let us know what you think

We would love to hear your views on our project. Do you think it sounds like a good idea? Is there anything in particular that you would like to see incorporated into our plans? Please see the form attached and let us know what you think!



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